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How To Bond And Connect With Your Baby In The Best Way

How To Bond And Connect With Your Baby In The Best Way

One of the podcast listeners, Josh, emailed me and asked how to best connect with their baby.  Play therapy principles still apply in relationship building with babies and infants!  So in this episode, I'll go into how to connect and bond with your infant in three...

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The Dangers Of TikTok

The Dangers Of TikTok

As a child therapist, I'm on the front lines of the damage that devices and social media are doing to our kids. The worst of all, in my opinion, is TikTok. There is nothing redeemable about TikTok, especially in light of what it's doing to our teens and young adults....

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Device Detox Book

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Device Detox: A Parent’s Guide To Reducing Usage, Preventing Tantrums, And Raising Happier Kids.

“Dr. Brenna Hicks does an excellent job of sketching the problem, but the book shines brightest when Dr. Hicks offers a suite of practical, evidence-based strategies for coping with screen overuse in children. A valuable book that deserves to be read by parents everywhere.”


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