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S2E9 – Addressing Body Image Concerns in Young Children

S2E9 – Addressing Body Image Concerns in Young Children

In this episode, I address a question submitted by a therapist on behalf of a concerned parent. The parent has a 6-year-old girl who is grappling with body image issues. As this little girl expresses concerns about her tummy being "fat" and worries that other kids are...

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Device Detox Book

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Device Detox: A Parent’s Guide To Reducing Usage, Preventing Tantrums, And Raising Happier Kids.

“Dr. Brenna Hicks does an excellent job of sketching the problem, but the book shines brightest when Dr. Hicks offers a suite of practical, evidence-based strategies for coping with screen overuse in children. A valuable book that deserves to be read by parents everywhere.”


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Foundational Play Therapy Parenting Concepts

Play Therapy Fundamentals

Play Therapy Fundamentals

Below is a compilation of my best podcasts covering the most fundamental play therapy skills.All Feelings Are ValidThe Four "Pillars" of Play TherapyThe Importance of Learning to “BE” With Your KidThe “Magic” of Play TherapySay Goodbye to Power Struggles with your...

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Rules of Thumb Podcasts

Rules of Thumb Podcasts

One of the services I offer at The Kid Counselor Center is a 10-week course called Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT).  Each week of the course I cover a "rule of thumb" that is a little nugget of wisdom that gives you something to think about as you parent....

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