Dr. Brenna Hicks – The Kid Counselor®

Dr. Brenna is the owner of The Kid Counselor Center and The Family Counselor Center in the Tampa Bay area. The centers serve up to 225 families per week, offering counseling for the family at every phase of life.

The Kid Counselor Center is staffed with play therapists that specialize in child therapy from ages 3-14.

The Family Counselor Center specializes in teens through seniors offering individual and family counseling.

Brenna has been blogging, and podcasting about play therapy and parenting since 2006. Her main website, The Kid Counselor, hosts most of her blog posts, videos, and podcast content.

Play Therapy Parenting® is Brenna’s site that hosts her podcast content exclusively.

You can find Brenna’s latest book, Device Detox: A Parent’s Guide To Reducing Usage, Preventing Tantrums, And Raising Happier Kids, on Amazon, or an overview of the book on the Device Detox book website.

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Brenna Hicks