Overcoming “Mom Guilt” – Spending Time Vs. Being Fully Present

Mar 18, 2022

I was listening to a business podcast this week, and a successful Mom/CEO said this quote when asked how she overcomes “Mom Guilt” as she runs a multi-million dollar business, while juggling being a mom. She said “Kids don’t count the hours that you’re with them, but they do notice if you’re present.” And the truth of that quote jumped out at me, and made me take notice. I immediately related it to the Play Therapy principles, called the “Be With Attitudes,” that I teach in my private parent coaching course. So I wanted to share with you some practical tips, that you can put into practice immediately, that will help you become fully present with your kids during the time you spend with them. You no longer have to feel any guilt as a mom, parent, or caregiver because your child will get intentional, quality, meaningful time with you.
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