Navigating Parenthood: Direction over Perfection

Dec 7, 2023

In this episode of the Play Therapy Parenting Podcast, I explore the analogy of a compass and how it relates to parenting. I delve into the fact that a compass doesn’t actually point to True North, contrary to popular belief. This realization led me to reflect on the parenting journey, highlighting the freedom found in acknowledging that, just like a compass, we may not always be heading in the “perfect” direction.

I emphasize the importance of understanding that parenting isn’t about attaining perfection but about navigating with intention and the right tools. I encourage listeners to embrace mistakes, take responsibility, and apologize when needed, as it not only sets an example for children but also frees us from the unrealistic pressure of being flawless parents.

By framing parenting through the lens of intentional direction rather than the pursuit of perfection, it’s okay not to have a fixed, unwavering path.

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