Encouragement, Self-fulfilling Prophecy, And How We Influence This In Our Kids

Apr 14, 2023

In this episode of the podcast I wanted to talk about encouragement and self-fulfilling prophecy. I recently wrote a quote into my quote book that was the inspiration for this episode. It goes like this: The friend said, “Elsa, You have a wrong picture of yourself.” Elsa replied, “Even if that is true, what does a person do about it? The things your parents say to you, and the things your husband doesn’t say to you, become a mirror, don’t they? You see yourself as they see you, and no matter how far you come, you bring that mirror with you.”

Based on that quote, I want to talk about the following topics:

– The concept of “looking glass self”
– Verbal and non-verbal self-concept, and how we develop our identity based on both
– The empowerment process, and how encouragement plays a part

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