“Digital Pacifiers” – Why Screen Use Is Harming, And Ruining Our Relationships With Our Kids

Jun 7, 2021

Another Memorial Day weekend observation… I couldn’t believe how many families were at our hotel (poolside, restaurant, lobby, etc.) all ignoring each other, with their faces glued to their “Digital Pacifiers!” The use by both adults and children was alarming. We need to be aware of how much screen time our children have, and realize how badly it is damaging the relationship we have with our kids. We also need to educate ourselves that psychologists, psychiatrists, and neuro-biologists are hired by these gaming companies, specifically to make devices, games and social media MORE ADDICTIVE. Finally, start being aware that as kids use more devices, diagnoses for anxiety is increasing dramatically. As a result, the prescribing of anxiety medication for kids has increased astronomically. We’re also starting to see specialized facilities for “detoxing” off devices springing up nationwide. Device overuse in kids is spiking at an alarming rate, and if we don’t start educating ourselves about the dangers, and making changes in our families, we are going to see generations of kids that are anxious, socially isolated, and addicted.

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