A Deeper Dive Into Praise Vs Encouragement

Nov 10, 2023

In this episode of the Play Therapy Parenting Podcast, I take a deep dive into praise vs encouragement from a child-centered play therapy standpoint.

Building upon the previous episode’s overview, I recount a conversation with a house parent at the Hope Children’s Home who raised a question about a parenting approach he overheard. The person avoids telling his kids he’s proud of them, opting for “what you did just brought me great joy” instead. While the intention is to encourage emotional maturity and other orientation, I explore why this statement falls into the category of “pseudo praise”.

I explain the importance of fostering an internal locus of control in children, emphasizing the dangers of external validation dependence. Drawing on research, including a longitudinal study, I underscore the long-term positive effects of encouragement over praise. I challenge listeners to break away from the pervasive praise model and become the antidote to the praise epidemic. Throughout the episode, I stress the significance of using encouragement consistently and provide practical insights for implementing child-centered play therapy parenting. Tune in for a deep dive into the power of encouragement and its role in raising resilient, internally motivated children.

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