Play Therapy Parenting Workshop

A Two-Day Intensive Parenting Training, recorded from a live workshop. This workshop is a Play Therapy Parenting “boot camp”. You’ll learn an overview of Play Therapy and how to apply the skills to build your parenting “toolbox” so that you can be more confident in your parenting skills.

Play Therapy Parenting Podcast

Dr. Brenna Hicks, The Kid Counselor, provides the tools to help parents gain confidence in their parenting skills so they can create the family life they desire. Listen in as Dr. Brenna gives effective tips and training in the Play Therapy Parenting Podcast.

Online Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Get private, one-on-one coaching from Dr. Hicks in this online, 10-week, play-based program for parents of children 3-8 years old. This course combines weekly video training with face-to-face, private coaching via video conference. See if you qualify for Child Parent Relationship Therapy by clicking the learn more button.

Play Therapy Parenting: Short Courses

Quick, inexpensive courses to teach you specific play therapy based parenting skills

How to use a Feelings Chart

Learn to use a Feelings Chart and Feelings Wheel to help your child build an emotional vocabulary. By implementing these simple tools into your daily and weekly parenting program, you are equipping your child to recognize his/her feelings, and providing a way for them to express those to you in a meaningful way. Video training and printed downloads are included in this course.

100+ Encouragement Phrases

More than 100 examples of encouragement phrases, so that your kids will develop internal motivation, feel acknowledged for their effort rather than the outcome, and know that they can feel proud of their contributions! Video training and printed downloads are included in this course.