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Device Detox

The Science is in! Overwhelming amounts of research is showing that too much exposure to devices is causing behavioral, emotional, and physical changes to our kids. 

Device Detox is a four week, online training that teaches you how to reduce screen time for your kids – without tantrums!

You will learn Play Therapy Parenting skills and techniques to handle any outburst and other behavior stemming from screen time reduction. You will also learn 4 systems that INCENTIVIZE good behavior and transition your child to a healthy amount of screen use.

More than just a plan to reduce screen time… Device Detox is a complete parenting training system, rooted in Play Therapy Parenting skills.  The skills you learn can be used for ALL child behavior issues.

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How to use a Feelings Chart

Emotions are complicated, especially for kids! Building an emotional vocabulary takes time and practice. Unless kids can identify and effectively communicate their feelings, they become frustrated that others do not understand them. Sometimes this also means that they ACT out their feelings, resulting in behavioral struggles.

A Feelings Chart and Feelings Wheel are the solution!

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101+ Encouragement Phrases

The 4th “Pillar of Play Therapy” – Encouragement. 

In this training, you’ll learn why encouragement is better than praise, and how using encouraging statements, based in Play Therapy. Encouragement increases your child’s self-esteem, develops internal motivation. They feel acknowledged for their effort rather than the outcome, and they know that they can feel proud of their contributions!

This is a video training course with worksheets.

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